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Since 2004, thousands of patients have lost tens of thousands of pounds at our New Hampshire medical office. Patients have traveled across the country to see Dr. Warren and her team. Now you can access medically-designed products, and join our new Healthy Weight at Home Program, without traveling to see us! We are excited to be able to help even more people achieve healthy weight and lifestyle.

Seacoast Nutrition specializes in high quality weight loss products used at Physicians Healthy Weight Center, selected by Dr. Jennifer Warren and our healthy lifestyle team. Our products are ideal for a variety of diets, lifestyles, and health needs.

Whether you need to lose 10 or 100 lbs, we can help can jump start your success. Our products are selected for quality and taste, are high in protein and low/moderate in carbohydrate, low in saturated fat, and lower in sodium, designed for health. In addition, we have products for those who wish to avoid gluten, soy, animal products, lactose, and artificial sweeteners and flavors. We specialize in providing customized, personal service to help you choose the best products for your unique needs.

In addition to our Fast Track food program, we offer a comprehensive lifestyle support program for those who would like more assistance. Losing - and maintaining - excess weight is both an art and science, and Dr. Warren and her team have been studying, practicing, and perfecting techniques to help you, for the last 14 years. We are here and happy to help you!

Our web site is secure and is always available to take your order. You can rest assured that there are friendly, real people to answer any questions you might have and provide the best customer care possible.

We would love to meet you in person, too! If you get a chance, stop in and visit. If you would like to learn more about our in-office comprehensive medical weight management program, visit PhysiciansHealthyWeightCenter.com or call us at 603-379-6500.

See our Contact Us page for a quick and easy way to send us a message, ask questions, and sign up for our newsletter.

You can also reach us by phone: 603-379-6500

Seacoast Nutrition at Physicians Healthy Weight Center
29 Lafayette Rd. Unit K
North Hampton, NH 03862

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