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Seacoast Nutrition specializes in high quality weight loss products used at Physicians Healthy Weight Center. Our products are ideal for a variety of diets. Whether you need to lose 10 or 100 lbs, our exclusive "Fast Track" program can jup start your success!

We only carry brands evaluated by Dr. Warren and her staff at Physicians Healthy Weight Center, so you can be sure the food and supplements are of the highest quality. Also our web site is secure and is always available to take your order. You can rest assured that there are friendly, real people to answer any questions you might have and provide the best customer service possible.

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Fast Track Program - Phase One (Meal Replacements) No need to count calories. It’s already done for your convenience.

Program Schedule: 1. After 2 weeks of Fast Track Phase One, You should meet with us for consult. Continue with fast track for two more weeks. 2. After 4 weeks, Your fast track plan will be restructured for desired results and maintenance.

Breakfast Very High Protein Shake Morning Snack 1 Protein bar or other 15g protein snack Lunch Very High Protein Shake Afternoon Snack 1 Protein bar or other 15g protein snack Dinner Entree & Garden Salad Evening snack 1 high Protein Hot Chocolate/15g protein snack

Instructions: Eat: 6 x a day. Do not skip a meal or snack. No need to count calories Drink: 8 cups of water or non-caloric beverages daily. In the morning: Take 1 Omega-3 At bedtime: Take 1 Multivitamin and 1 Omega-3 It’s okay to switch lunch with dinner to meet your schedule and personal preferences. Eat at regular intervals. Consume all specified Phase One Fast Track High Protein meals and snacks as directed to maintain optimum nutritional intake for support of lean muscle and to curb hunger.

Below is the average daily nutritional breakdown for Phase One Fast Track Program: Calories 1200-1250 Carbs 123g Fat 23g Protein 131g Dietary Fiber 123g

Happy Healthy Egg Nog Ingredients: 5 cups Silk Light Vanilla Soymilk (or another light vanilla soymilk**), 1 small (4-serving) package Jell-O Sugar Free Vanilla Fat Free Instant Pudding, 6 no-calorie sweetener packets (like Splenda), 1 tsp. rum extract or imitation rum extract, 1/2 tsp. ground nutmeg.

Directions: Mix all ingredients, blend on high in blender. Refrigerate for a few hours to allow it to thicken. Makes five 1-cup servings! Makes 5 servings (one cup each):CALORIES: 88, CARBS: 11 grams, PROTEIN: 6 grams,

Seasonal Eating Challenges

If you are finding yourself nibbling before dinner, and craving sweets after dinner, you are not alone! The short days and long nights can lead to what we call ‘Seasonal Eating Disorder’ - you can feel like a bear packing on the weight to get ready for hibernation! Researchers believe the cravings are tied to a drop in serotonin levels, due to the decreased daylight. You can feel tired, cranky, and out-of-control, and all that extra snacking can add up to hundreds of extra calories, and “weight creep.”

In addition to appetite changes, holiday meals and treats make the challenge even tougher. If you are in charge of preparing a holiday meal, or even tonight’s dinner, you probably know how easy it is to taste and snack while you are cooking. You can end up eating hundreds of extra calories before you even start the official meal. Even worse, if you are hungry while preparing the meal, and try to hold off on snacking, you may find you are starving and ‘out of control’ by the time you serve dinner, and end up eating FAR more than you meant to! Fortunately, there is an easy fix for both of these problems.

A high-protein, tasty, low calorie snack can really ‘save the day’ while you are cooking or waiting for the big meal. Studies show that protein can calm your appetite, quell your cravings, and put you back in control. Protein can actually raise your metabolism slightly, and help you eat fewer calories at dinner and afterward (and studies show that eating snacks with liquid volume such as soup before dinner can result in the consumption of 20 % fewer calories.) We have a variety of easy, delicious treats that meet the requirement - with only 80 calories and 15 grams of protein. Our special high-protein (low sodium) soups, hot chocolate, and high-protein decaf cappuccinos, are simple ways to meet the need. Sip while you cook, before dinner.

The same tactic is also useful to stop after-dinner cravings. With the short days, and long nights, many people notice that they find themselves wandering around the kitchen looking for something sweet or ‘carby’ after they’ve finished supper. They try to fight the urge, but end up eating hundreds of calories of sweet treats. What to do? When it comes to cravings: “Don’t join them, beat them!” You can still treat yourself to a snack and not sabotage all of your hard work. Satisfy your ‘need for sweet’, while giving yourself the boost of protein (studies show it has a mental stimulant effect, as well as a metabolic stimulant effect), and save yourself calories. Instead of binging on Double Stuff Oreos, choose one of our delicious, sweet, high-protein lower calorie bars or snacks. We have had many creative suggestions and recipes from our patients - read on for ideas.

1. Cut a protein bar into bite-sized pieces (cookie-sized, instead of cookies!) 2. Try one of our new fun snacks - Protein Party Mix (like Chex mix - only low calorie, and high protein), crispy Pizza snacks, and our new Cinnamon Swirls and Chocolate Bites! So delicious, fun, and healthful. 3. Cut one of your protein bars into bite size pieces, then crumble it, and mix with air popped popcorn. 4. Pair our delicious high-protein hot chocolate with air-popped popcorn - satisfying, fun, and it takes a while to eat and drink!

Other evening tips: try to keep yourself busy, instead of eating! Try a short exercise session before or after dinner. Find a new hobby to occupy yourself (it’s hard to eat while knitting.) Remove any tempting junk food from the house, or at least hide it on a top shelf, out of reach. Try reading a book with a nice cup of herbal tea. Find something creative to do with your partner. And if all else fails, post a note on your refrigerator which says: “Go to Bed, Instead!” (Beth’s quote!)

You can also try these easy, satisfying, tasty treats on Snow Days. After playing outdoors with kids or friends, treat yourself to Protein Hot Chocolate, or Protein Cappuccino, or our delicious low-sodium high-protein soups. A warm and tasty way to meet your nutritional and taste needs.

With our Fast Track Program, there is NO calorie counting, NO complicated food decisions.

Shipping Information: Orders placed by 1:00 PM EST are usually shipped the same day. Orders placed after 1:00 PM EST will be shipped the next business day. Weekend and Holiday orders are shipped on Monday or the first business day after the Holiday.

All orders over $99 shipped via U.S. Postal Priority or Parcel Post within the contiguous 48 United States will get FREE SHIPPING!

Expedited shipping methods are available during checkout for an additional cost.

Note: Postal Service does delivery on Saturday, but not on Sunday or holidays. Do not include these days when estimating your expected delivery date.


During summer months we are NOT responsible for the melting of chocolate products while in transit. We pack as well as possible to prevent melting, but once your order leaves our premises, the weather is out of our control.

No returns or credits on protein bars or any chocolate product because package contents have been left on your porch or outside in the heat.

IF your order containing chocolate has been in the heat - unpack carton contents, and without touching or smushing individual bars, place boxes in your refrigerator for about an hour. They will reharden and suffer no loss of nutrition, although they might not be quite as pretty.
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